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What is this blockage that is ruining your life?

▶ Do you suffer from a chronic disease that eats you up inside?

▶ Are you overwhelmed by permanent fatigue that prevents you from living?

▶ Are you dominated by negative emotions that break your self-confidence?

▶ Are you oppressed by obsessive negative thoughts spinning in your head?

▶ Do you feel disturbed, attacked, persecuted by evil forces in the invisible world?

▶ Do you feel lost, alone in the world, disconnected from Life, from the Universe, from God?

So, it is high time to intervene on a much more subtle level by asking for the intervention of the One and Only Force that can heal you: GOD (or whatever name you prefer: Allah, Buddha, Consciousness, Universe, Shiva, etc.).

But before interceding with GOD on your behalf during a remote energy healing, let me explain to you how the energy and spiritual world works...

From the perspective of society, you are a person with a first name, a social status and a bank account.

But from a more subtle and invisible point of view, you are a soul, that is to say a multi-dimensional energetic and spiritual being composed of precisely 7 layers (each managed by one of your 7 chakras).

Who are you and where is your block?

From the perspective of society, you are a person with a first name, a social status and a bank account.

But from a more subtle and invisible point of view, you are a soul, a multi-dimensional energetic and spiritual being composed of precisely 7 layers (each managed by one of your 7 chakras).

1st Physical Body: You are a body made of matter that is subject to birth and death.

2nd Etheric Body: You are an energy body that glows when you are healthy and shuts off when you are tired.

3rd Astral Body: You are an emotional body with constantly moving energy (emotion), whether positive or negative. It is also in this body that your emotions can get stuck.

4th mental body: You are a psychic (mental) body where thoughts, positive or negative, circulate. It is also in this body that your erroneous beliefs settle.

5th causal body: You are a karmic body where all the energetic memories of your past actions are stored, and where all their consequences are expressed today. In other words, your current life is a reflection of your causal body, hence the importance of purging your karma.

6th Buddhist body: You are a soul, an individual consciousness, a spiritual being in its own right, and you realize that everything around you also has a soul (person, animals, plants, place, object , planet, etc.).

7th Atmic Body: You are an individual consciousness integral to a greater divine body, also called universal consciousness or GOD, and you realize that EVERYTHING in the universe is in divine essence, and that GOD is in ALL in the universe.

You are therefore a being composed of these 7 layers at the same time, and your blockage is necessarily located at the level of one of these 7 planes of consciousness.

But here is a secret of quantum physics hidden from the general public: the health of each of your bodies necessarily depends on the higher body.

For example, the health of your physical body (layer 1) necessarily depends on the health of your energy body (layer 2).

The health of your energy body (layer 2) necessarily depends on the health of your emotional body (layer 3). And so on...

In conclusion, if you have the slightest blockage at the level of your 7th divine body (connection to GOD), you will necessarily have problems at all the lower levels of your being.

In other words, if you are disconnected from GOD, then you will NEVER heal your soul, your karma, your thoughts, your emotions, your energy and even less your body!

In the end, therefore, there is only one disease: disconnection from God!

And there is obviously only one solution: reconnection with the divine!

And it is precisely at this level (divine body) that our energetic and spiritual care will act, by reconnecting your pineal gland (chakra 7) with the entire Universe (GOD). It's that simple.

Who are we and how will we help you?

We are currently a group of 23 energy and spiritual therapists (UPDATE: Currently, only Cathy and I are praying for you.).

We are part of the SPIRITGUARD agency founded and directed by Loris Vitry and Cathy Maillot who represent us publicly.

Our job is to pray and send as many positive vibrations as possible to our various clients.

We perfectly master all the energy rituals and all the spiritual prayers to intercede with GOD on your behalf.

NOTE: we are not affiliated with any system such as Reiki, Lahochi, AccesBars, etc, as we use our own protocol.

Concretely, our protocol consists of praying to GOD to intervene at the level of your 7th divine body in order to re-establish an unfailing connection with HIM.

It is then GOD Himself who will automatically take care of the healing of your 6 lower bodies (soul, karma, mind, emotions, energy, physical).

So it is GOD Himself who will perform a great cleansing before filling your Life with Light, Joy, Peace, Love, Happiness and Abundance!

NOTE: unlike other popular protocols, we NEVER intervene directly on your being (and your chakras), because we do not have the right to change what is (the Will of God), at the risk of creating Karma for ourselves. On the other hand, we ALWAYS go through GOD so that HIMSELF intervenes and sends Light into your being.

Who are our 2 founders?

Cathy Maillot is an osteopath.

She received in her office more than 10,000 patients with blockages mainly at the level of the physical body.

Over the course of her experience, she developed extra-sensory abilities that allowed her to understand that the physical pain of her patients was only the reflection of blockages on more subtle levels.

In other words, a physical blockage is only the result of a blockage at the higher level: energetic, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual or divine.

She eventually realizes that true healing takes place, not at the physical level with osteopathic or drug treatment, but at the divine level, by re-establishing the connection with GOD.

Loris Vitry, meanwhile, is a holistic therapist, energy healer and spiritual coach.

It has more than 30,000 clients (face-to-face, personalized coaching and video training).

He started his career helping people to breathe well in order to reduce their stress.

Through his experience, he discovered that breathing is intimately linked to mind, karma and soul.

He therefore ends up realizing that all the problems of our daily life come from one and the same blockage at the level of the divine body.

In other words, he realizes that the real problem is a disconnection with GOD.

Cathy Maillot and Loris Vitry will end up meeting and exchanging their experience to create the SPIRITGUARD agency.

He gradually recruits several therapists based solely on their vibrational level, their master number life path (numerology) and their spiritual intention (uplifting and healing the world).

Their life mission, as well as that of their team, is simply to pray for all souls wishing to dissolve their suffering in order to live in Happiness, Joy, Peace and Abundance.

How are we different and why can you trust us?

Surely your "guru" has not revealed this secret to you, but it is very easy to measure the level of magnetism and the level of consciousness of your soul.

All you need is a divinatory pendulum and a dowsing dial in Bovis Unit.

Dowsing pendulum

The result obtained corresponds precisely to the vibrational frequency of your spiritual energy (aura).

The higher your vibrational frequency, the more aware you are and the more power you have in the subtle world.

On the other hand, the lower your vibrational frequency, the more spiritually ignorant you are.

For your information, here are some measurements taken so far (these may vary).

Human Standard: 20,000 BU

- Pope Francis: 90,000 BU

- SadGuru: 120,000 BU

- The Dalai Lama: 200,000 BU

For information, a novice energy specialist vibrates at a minimum of 300,000 BU, an intermediate energy specialist at a minimum of 1 million UB and an expert energy specialist at a minimum of 1 billion UB.

Thus, in order to guarantee very powerful prayers and spiritual care, Loris Vitry and Cathy Maillot have recruited the best energy and spiritual healers in the world, since each of them vibrates at least at 1 billion UB.

In order to realize what these measures mean concretely, tell yourself that the prayer of 11,111 souls like Pope Francis has the same power as the prayer of ONLY ONE of our therapists (1 billion BU divided by 90,000 BU).

Another example, when one of our therapists prays for you, his prayer has an energetic and spiritual power equivalent to the prayer of 5,000 souls like the Dalai Lam (1 billion BU divided by 200,000 BU).

We can thus see that the spiritual leaders of this world have no energetic and spiritual power in the invisible world.

This is the reason why it is better to approach an anonymous energetician having a very high vibrational frequency, rather than a famous spiritual leader having no energetic power.

In general, spiritual leaders have great power in the material world, but unfortunately very little power in the subtle world (Kingdom of God).

Be careful, we are not the only therapists to cultivate our vibrational level, because there are plenty of other highly evolved souls in the world.

Except that the prayer of a therapist working alone will NEVER equal the prayer of a group of therapists praying together. There is obviously strength in numbers. Group energy treatments have tenfold effects!

By choosing our SPIRITGUARD agency, you are therefore guaranteed to receive very effective energy and spiritual care (prayers).

Moreover, you can fully trust us since the result of our prayers is perfectly verifiable with a pendulum and a dowsing dial (you can measure it at any time or ask another energy specialist to check it for you).

Indeed, our prayers instantly increase your vibratory level and therefore your level of consciousness, which profoundly transforms your Reality.

Let's see how a prayer can transform your life!

Everything is based on the law of attraction that you probably already know.

Albert Einsten sums up this universal law perfectly when he said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to understanding in life. Align yourself to the frequency of reality you desire and that reality will manifest. It cannot be otherwise."

In other words, you attract to you the Reality that you vibrate now, you manifest the vibratory dimension which corresponds to your current level of consciousness.

This vibration of which we speak is precisely measurable in Unit Bovis (UB) thanks to a pendulum and a dial of dowsing.

The lower your vibrational frequency and level of consciousness, the more suffering you attract and manifest in all 7 layers of your being (physical, energetic, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual, divine).

So you can pray to GOD for hours, but if your vibrational frequency is low, your prayers will go unanswered.

This explains why the law of attraction does not work for the majority of people who have a low vibrational frequency.

These people simply cannot vibrate at the frequency they wish to attract, which is why there is so much suffering in the world.

On the other hand, the higher your vibrational frequency and your level of consciousness, the more your vibration is powerful and the more you can attract to you Happiness, Peace, Love, Joy and Abundance.

With a high vibrational frequency, a single request is enough to get a quick response and the Universe immediately organizes itself to offer you what you have asked for.

So the real secret is to raise your vibrational frequency to vibrate and attract the Luminous Life you so desire.

And it is exactly this law of attraction that we will use in our prayers, except that instead of vibrating for ourselves, we will vibrate the right frequency for YOUR intention.

We will intercede with GOD to increase your own vibrational frequency so that your whole being vibrates and attracts the Happiness, Peace, Joy and Abundance you deserve.

Having ourselves a very high vibrational frequency (minimum 1 billion UB for each of our energy specialists), our prayers generally receive immediate answers (you can check this with a pendulum and a dowsing dial).

In other words, after our prayers, your vibrational frequency will instantly increase and the Universe will quickly conspire to attract the Reality that matches your new vibration.

Raise your vibrational frequency and attract the happiness you deserve!

To quickly increase your vibration, you have two solutions: the slow path or the super fast highway.

1) The slow path: raising your vibrational frequency on your own

Acquiring the knowledge on your own is really a very good long-term solution.

For this, you can follow our training courses to acquire the many knowledge necessary to increase your vibrational frequency.

If you subscribe to our daily energy healing, we will also send you an email per week to help you increase your vibrational frequency by yourself.

2) The super fast highway: ordering our daily prayers

Imagine for a moment if you received the prayer of our energy and spiritual therapists every day, all of whom have a very high vibrational frequency...

Your vibrational frequency would instantly increase and you would begin to attract new situations into your daily life.

A single prayer gives instant results, but a prayer a day for several months gives extraordinary and above all long-lasting results.

This is the reason why we offer you a monthly subscription which allows you to receive one prayer per day.

With these daily prayers, we are sure to positively impact the transformation of each of our clients.

We guarantee that your vibrational frequency will increase rapidly and remain high throughout your subscription (verifiable result with a pendulum and a dowsing dial).

NOTE: you are free to unsubscribe whenever you want with just one click (try a single month already to see the benefits for yourself).

FAQ: we answer your questions!

What is an evil entity?

As your being is made up of 7 layers, an entity can take 7 different forms.

In addition, know that in our universe subject to duality, there are as many luminous as evil entities.

On a physical level, an evil entity is a malicious person, a toxic person who sucks your energy from you.

At the etheric level, an evil entity is an energy of fatigue, heaviness, negativity.

On an emotional level, an evil entity is a negative emotion such as anguish or anxiety.

At the mental level, an evil entity is a negative thought like a fear or a neurosis.

At the karmic level, an evil entity is an impulse that leads to unhealthy and self-destructive behavior.

At the spiritual level, an evil entity is a disembodied soul who will try to manipulate your mind or steal your energy (example: deceased soul, devil, demon, satan, lucifer, etc.).

At the divine level, duality no longer exists, light and darkness disappear and Only GOD is.

Are you going to eliminate the evil entities?

We NEVER intervene on the entities themselves because their presence in your being has a very specific purpose: your evolution (through suffering).

We therefore do not eliminate toxic people from your life, nor heavy energies, nor negative emotions and thoughts, nor your karma and even less disembodied souls.

On the other hand, we pray and intercede with GOD so that HE intervenes directly on your being.

We therefore do nothing in your Life, it is GOD himself who eliminates the evil entities that may be in your life, it is GOD who impels you to change by sending you signs, synchronicities, intuitions, etc. .

We are only asking GOD to intervene for you. And having a very high group vibration rate, the answer to our prayers is instantaneous: you receive a ton of good vibrations, which has the effect of increasing your vibration rate and therefore your level of consciousness.

It is therefore GOD and your own spiritual awakening that naturally eliminate evil entities that no longer have any use in your life.

What is the religion of your energy healers?

Even if we each have a language, a religion, a culture, a tradition, a history, a different identity, a prayer of Love and Light remains universal.

To be happy, joyful, at peace, and to pray for a person is an act that positions itself BEYOND all dogmas.

Thus, to serve you and pray for you, our agency and our therapists position themselves beyond all religions.

During our recruitment, our only selection criteria are:

- a high vibratory frequency which guarantees the power of the prayers (minimum 10 million BU)

- a master number life path (numelorogy)

- and a luminous heart which guarantees luminous intentions (to love and heal the world).

If these three criteria are met, you are sure to receive a ton of positive vibrations that will cancel out any negative energies that disturb you, regardless of the religion of our therapists and yours.

A prayer must be free, why do you charge them?

Yes, communing with GOD is free and unlimited.

However, despite this gratuity and this Abundance of Peace and Love that GOD offers at all times, suffering is very present because people have a very low vibratory frequency and therefore a level of consciousness which precisely causes this suffering.

This is the reason why all of our daily meditations and prayers are primarily intended to uplift the consciousness and energy of all humanity.

However, we live in a monetary system where we have to pay to meet our basic needs (rent, food, water, electricity).

In addition, our therapists are freelancers who neither maintained by a religious system (church, monastery, etc.) nor by the government.

This is the reason why we exchange part of our prayer time for money.

Why trust SPIRITGUARD rather than a religion?

There are 2 very important points that you should understand:

1) Religion is a wonderful tool that we all use to grow spiritually.

But there comes a time when our spiritual evolution leads us to go beyond the very concept of religion to understand that EVERYTHING in the universe is GOD, and that GOD is in EVERYTHING.

It's simply a matter of becoming aware of the 7th divine body that we ALL have in common, regardless of our religion.

Religion is therefore as much a springboard as it can be a blockage depending on your level of spiritual evolution.

Which brings us to point number 2 ...

2) Religious leaders have great power in the material world, but no power in the spiritual world.

This is not a criticism, but simply an observation.

Indeed, we have measured the vibratory frequency of the majority of spiritual leaders and most of them are very low.

However, there are thousands of highly evolved souls on Earth with a vibratory frequency greater than 1 billion BU.

They are for example "Indigo" children (very evolved souls), spiritual masters, energy and spiritual healers, seers, a few religious who have understood the Truth of God, etc.

Apart from these people are often anonymous and have no power in the material world, yet they are the ones who have the power to heal you energetically and spiritually.

All this to say that religion does NOT correspond to the ultimate spiritual evolution, on the contrary.

Truth, True Spirituality, True Love, ULTIMATE Realization, lie beyond religion!

In any case, this is what we have achieved in our spiritual journey, it's also what has allowed us to raise our vibratory frequency to peaks, and this is especially what we teach through our agency SPIRITGUARD.

Will I attract more money through your prayers?

You need to understand 2 very important points about energy and money:

1) The more you seek to earn a lot of money, the more you vibrate with an energy of lack.

The Universe therefore responds to you with an even more intense energy of lack, which is why the richer you are, the more you want to become.

The quest for money is endless and generates a lot of suffering: emotional deprivation, feeling of insecurity, feeling of being empty, fear of missing and losing, etc.

If you vibrate these energies of fear, you end up attracting more fear, and you sink into depression.

It's an infernal cycle that leads to the destruction and bankruptcy of many people.

This is the reason why we are working with many people to change their vibe about money.

2) You must forget about money, but embrace Abundance.

The more you want money, the more you vibrate an energy of lack, and the more you DECREASE your vibratory rate and your level of consciousness.

It's precisely this drop in consciousness that brings about the downfall of celebrities.

It's not the money that you have to desire and attract, but rather ABUNDANCE.

The more you vibrate Abundance, the more the Universe will plot to send you more and more abundance.

And this abundance can take many forms (material, energetic, emotional, creative, spiritual, etc.).

The more abundance you vibrate, the more your vibratory rate and level of consciousness increase.

Suffering is impossible when your Life is ABUNDANT, because your life is full of Happiness, Joy, Peace, Tranquility and Love.

So to answer your questions, our prayers will surely NOT vibrate with money, but ABUNDANCE.

The universe will not necessarily complete to make you richer, but above all to make you more abundant (it can take the form of money, but also love, joy, happiness).