Find out how to free and protect yourself from evil entities to live happy ...

Ebook : energy and spiritual healing

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Several thousand years ago, very evolved civilizations mastered quantum medicine, that is to say the art of healing at the energy level.

Indeed, we are energetic beings made up of billions of atoms.

These atoms are themselves organized by an intelligence commonly known as GOD, or whatever name you prefer: Shiva, Allah, Buddha, Universe, etc.

To be more precise, we are multi-dimensional beings made up of 7 subtle bodies: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, karmic, spiritual, divine.

And the sages of the time knew that disease is nothing more than an energy blockage that begins in your divine body!

In other words, at the end of this ebook, you will realize that there is in truth only one disease (the disconnection with GOD) and obviously only one healing (the reconnection with GOD).

But before you reconnect to GOD, you must know who is causing your disconnection ...

And yes, you guessed it ... the Devil, Satan, Lucifer and their army of evil entities, more commonly called "negative energies"!

You must therefore first master the energetic functioning of the human being, of evil entities but also of the entire Universe to understand how the disease takes hold in you and in others.

Obviously, the solution will appear obvious to you: free and protect yourself from evil entities, which amounts to eliminating all the negative energies that disturb you.

To explain all this to you in detail, we are going to reveal to you all our secrets of energy healers to promote your energy and spiritual healing.

I guarantee you that understanding this invisible world will transform your Life into an experience of Well-Being, Happiness, Peace, Joy and Love.

Who are the authors ?

Loris Vitry is a holistic coach, passionate about esotericism, energy and spirituality.

Through his books, training and coaching, he has already helped over 30,000 people become aware of their full energetic and spiritual potential ( you are actually much more radiant than you think ) .

Cathy Maillot is an osteopath, coach for women and energy healer.

After more than 10,000 osteopathic consultations, she has developed a great energy sensitivity which today allows her to perform powerful energy healing sessions in parallel with her activity.

Both created the SPIRITGUARD agency, made up of twenty energy and spiritual healers ready to serve you by flooding your being with positive vibrations.